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Here's where we just have some fun. (Mostly at the expense of Herb !)

Jansen Exposed

The Surgeon General recently released the results from a scientific study on drinking and dressing. It's findings were conclusive: Drinking while dressing could cause public indecency.

As can be seen in this picture, trying to fit your suspenders while under the influence, may lead to completely unpredictable results.

Herb at Kitty Hawk

An amazing discovery was just made in the archives of the first flight at Kitty Hawk. Records show that there was a THIRD person responsible for the succesful completion of that flight ! Allegedly this third person, Herbert Porter from Hamilton Ohio, actually taught Wilbur and Orville how to fly their newly constructed machine.

On voice recordings taken during some of the flights, you can hear him training them with advice like "C'mon Orville, you have to remember to turn on the carb heat ! You don't want this thing to quit on you, do you ? You keep that up and you're going to be walking home one day !"

This a the picture of Herbert proudly watching his students' first solo.

"Motivational" pictures

For the students who schedule Herb
at 9:00am on Weekends !

FAA Funny Business

Here are some fix and intersection names found on aeronautical charts that show that someone in the FAA does, indeed, have a sense of humor.

BOND – on the 007 degree radial, of course
MANUR – Near Chino, directly above some of the largest cattle herds
BRIBE – near Chicago (referring to Mayor Daly, we assume)
ELVIS – near (where else?) Memphis
Lebanon, NH – IAF is BURGR, followed shortly by FRYYS
Salem, MA– SATAN

How about the immortal words of Sylvester the Cat - enshrined by the FAA in the Portsmouth NH RNAV RWY16 approach