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Becoming a member

We offer two levels of membership:

Regular, or "A" membership and a Student, or "B" membership.

The regular or "A" membership allows you to fly any aircraft in the Club in which you’re checked out.
The student or "B" membership is for student pilots only and allows you to fly only the training aircraft (but at a lower initial membership cost). The "B" membership is upgradable to "A" membership.

In addition to the monthly dues, a minimum of 1 hr. prepaid flight time at current trainer rate or your actual flight time for the month, whichever is greater will be charged.

Including prepaid flight time in each month's dues not only provides the Club with a solid revenue base to keep us on a solid financial foundation, but also promotes flying safety by encouraging Club pilots to get out and fly at least their prepaid hour each month to stay current.

See aircraft rates here.

For more details or to enquire about membership,
contact Don Scharnhorst at (513) 235-9027

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